dimanche 5 août 2012


Use your Smart Phone for a Special Code Click to save 10, 20, 30 % Off HRE Performance Racing Wheels The Ferrari engine produces a sound that is pure heaven. But for those Ferrari owners that want to take the performance of their Ferrari to the next level, a exhaust system is a great way to accomplish this. The Ferrari 355, Ferrari 360, Ferrari 430, Ferrari 458, Ferrari Scuderia, Ferrari California are all popular cars that with an exhaust will great improve horsepower and performance. Vivid Racing carries many different Ferrari exhaust systems for these cars. Having sold Ferrari exhausts to customers worldwide, we even have our own Ferrari 360 Modena here as a project car. There are several different types of Ferrari exhaust components. Starting from closest to the engine are the headers. Headers are generally restrictive in their tube diameter. Some headers also have catalytic converters on them. Headers can improve horsepower with an improved collector as they merge each individual cylinder tube into the one main pipe which goes to the exhaust system. We carry Ferrari Headers from Agency Power, Fabspeed, Tubi Style, and more.

Depending on which model Ferrari you have, next on the exhaust system is usually the catalytic converters. Eliminating the cats will reduce backpressure and give you a much more free flowing exhaust system. At the same time, this will greatly increase the sound that comes from your Ferrari to be almost like a F1 race car! High flow catalytic converters, sport cats, or cat delete pipes can throw check engine lights, so you might want to consult a Performance Specialist before you buy. We carry Cat Pipes from Fabspeed, Larini, Novitec, Kriessieg, Novitec, and Tubi Style.

The most important part of the Ferrari Exhaust System is the muffler. From Capristo, Larini, Kreissieg, Meisterschaft, Quicksilver, and Tubi, there are many exhaust mufflers to choose from. Each Ferrari Exhaust Manufacturer has a different design, sound, and even functions like F1 Valvetronic to set your Exhaust from a quiet sport mode to a loud race mode with the push of a button. The exhaust systems we carry for the different Ferrari models range in price from $2000 to $10000. Most of the exhausts are stainless steel featuring TIG welding and beautiful quad tips. But some of the exhaust we carry are made from very lightweight and strong material like Titanium.

Check out these different Exhaust Videos -

Quicksilver Ferrari F355 Exhaust

Capristo Ferrari 360 Modena Exhaust

Meisterschaft Ferrari F430 Exhaust

Tubi Style Ferrari 599GTB Exhaust

Larini Ferrari F40 Exhaust

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